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If you love trains and other vehicles, there’s nothing better than Thomas & Friends.  Of course, this children’s favorite is well-known amongst millions of people including both children and adults, because this franchise has been in the spotlight for many years, originally named Thomas the Tank Engine. Thomas is a good engine on the whole, but he makes human-like mistakes from time to time, making him a character you can relate to. A popular show like Thomas can certainly inspire us if we have a new canine pal in our lives.  With so many personalities, colors, songs and chaos, which one will suit your pooch? 

Thomas & Friends Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Thomas & Friends Inspired Dog Name Considerations

There are lots characters from Thomas & Friends that could inspire you when naming your four-legged friend. Thomas is a happy engine that sometimes gets up to mischief.  This is a great name if you want to name your curious pal after the main character.

You might consider the personality of the characters when naming your canine.  Why not name your new addition, Truck, after the troublesome trucks?  If your best buddy can be temperamental, then why not call him Cranky, after the crane?  Annie and Clarabel are Thomas the Tank Engine’s trusty carriages and they would make a great name for your loyal, reliable pooch. If your dog thinks that they are in charge, why not give them a name like Sir Topham?  Harold, after the Island of Sodor’s helicopter, would be great for the pup who spins around a lot, chasing their tail.

If you want color inspiration when naming your furry friend, you could name a pooch with a blue coat Edward, or James for a dog with beautiful red fur.  Toby is brown in color, so this would be a perfect name for your brown-eyed dog, and Henry is the best tag for the pup with green eyes. As you can see, the possibilities are endless!

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