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With a bit of training, most dogs can become courteous members of society. Many are even used as therapy dogs and in other public capacities. If your dog has manners and is a sweet pooch then why not consider tagging them with a name meaning courteous?  You could think of a famous dog known for their kind disposition or choose a simple name that reflects common courtesy. Undoubtedly, with a bit of ingenuity, you will come up with the perfect moniker for your polite pooch. Read our list as a place to start!

Dog Names Meaning Courteous in Pop Culture

Dog Name Meaning Courteous Considerations

Dogs genuinely have a sixth sense when it comes to determining the emotions of humans and other animals. A canine can feel when someone is grieving, afraid, or in distress. They can tune into a person's feelings, making the dog a beautiful therapy assistant. In essence, a therapy dog is a comforter. The animal's polite and gentle demeanor has the ability to soothe and offer aid to those suffering emotionally. This phenomenon is especially real with children and seniors who seem to take great comfort from a dog's gracious presence.

Therapy dogs are common in hospitals, pediatric wards, and nursing home facilities. The presence of dogs instantly comforts and creates an uplifting experience for anyone lucky enough to stroke their fur. During times of great turmoil such as a major catastrophe,  it has been found that bringing in canines to offer support helps reduce the level of stress and suffering sustained by those who have been physically and emotionally injured. 

Some dog breeds are known for their gentle natures. Animals such as the Newfoundland, Saint  Bernard, and Golden Retriever have garnered reputations as polite, gentle giants who adore humans. 

If you are considering a courteous name for your pooch, then you might want to name the dog after a magnificent therapy animal or even a search and rescue canine who has offered comfort during great adversity. You could also pick a name that means merely politeness, civility, kindness, or gentleness which are all the definitions of a courteous demeanor. 

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