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Yoga is an increasing physical and spiritual practice that helps people stay in shape and build a more spiritual life by connecting with themselves and realizing stress. It is not related to any religion, and its principle is to connect with our inner self through mindfulness and breathing, as well as respecting everything that is. If you are leaning towards a spiritual life and love practicing yoga or would like to start, maybe this is a the theme to consider as you choose a name for the new dog in your life. You probably see your pet as a source of inspiration and endless love, and a yoga name can express just that. 

Yoga Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Yoga Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Yoga, although it can be difficult, is a peaceful practice that aims to connect us with our inner self and to diminish daily life stress. It is focused on breathing and on moving our bodies consciously. It starts from the believe that everything, animate and inanimate, is energy and that it should be respected. People who practice yoga are more often than not, very calm, kind, mindful, and spiritual. So, dogs that have angelic appearances and sweet personalities may be suited to a yoga name.

It is safe to say that yoga inspired names would be best suited for calm, gentle dogs that have a sweet, graceful personality. Super loyal and sweet dogs like the Labrador and the Golden Retriever, with their angelic faces, are a perfect fit for a yoga inspired name. Also, very intelligent and wise dogs like the Akita would carry a yoga name quite well, particularly because of their deep gaze. This is a great name inspiration for slender looking dogs, as yogis are usually slim and graceful. Dogs like the Azawakh, Irish Setter, Ibizan Hound, and the Saluki, with their lengthy extremities, slender bodies, and graceful walking, are great candidates for a yoga inspired name. 

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Community Dogs with Yoga Inspired Names

Bodhi's name story for Yoga Inspired Dog Names
Shih Tzu
Tecumseh, MI
Smart, playful, cuddly, fearless

We have friends who named their female Shih Tzu Shanti, meaning peace. We wanted to name our male Shih Tzu something Tibetan or Yoga inspired like Shanti. Bodhi means enlightenment. Like the Bodhi tree.

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