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Since his creation in 1949, Mr. Magoo has been a staple in the cartoon world. While the 1997 live-action reinvention was a significant commercial flop, the original character was honored by TV guide just five years later, ranking him number 29 on its list of the 50 Greatest Cartoon Characters of All Time. Although he may not get the play and fanfare that he once did (barring the 2010 straight-to-DVD Kung Fu Magoo), his unique personality and familiar features have delighted generations of people, as has the wild cast of characters that existed alongside of him, making the Magoo world ample fodder for fans looking to derive a fun dog name from.

Mr. Magoo Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Mr. Magoo Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Coming up with the right Mr. Magoo inspired name for your dog can be a challenge. We suggest starting by putting together a short list of your dog’s most notable traits, whether it’s their looks, quirks and personality, as it will help to provide a shortcut when it comes to comparing them to our list. 

You can always start simply, such as choosing the name of your favorite character or naming them after one of the many dogs from Mr. Magoo’s history such as McBarker, Angus or Bowzir (even though the latter was actually a cat). If you’d like to add a bit more depth, however, consider trying to align one of the traits off your list to a character with similar traits. 

For instance, if your dog has wrinkled face like the man himself, the names Mister, Magoo, Quincy and J would all be suitable. If your dog is like a helpful sidekick, the names Cholly and Charlie would be good. If you constantly feel like you’re babysitting your dogs, giving a pair of them the names Wheeler and Dealer would certainly be suitable. If they happen to have a Magoo-like voice, then Backus would be a great fit. 

There are plenty of ways to go from episode names to iconic items, so keep your options (and eyes) open.

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