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The CBS Sitcom How I Met Your Mother first aired on September 19th of 2005. It was portrayed as an important story being told by an architect by the name of Ted Mosby to his children in 2030, the story of how he met their mother. The story spans almost a decade of Ted’s life as he shares his long search for “The One” with his offspring, and the adventure of living in New York and spending time with his friends, Marshall, Lily, Robin, and Barney. The show won nineteen awards in total before concluding in 2014, including several People’s Choice Awards and ten Emmy Awards. 

How I Met Your Mother Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

How I Met Your Mother Inspired Dog Name Considerations

People employ many suitable when choosing a name for a new canine companion. Some people choose a name that is based on their interests, like a geologist who names their dog Rocky or Crystal or the botanist who names their pooch Daisy or Basil, while other pet parents prefer to honor an individual that they admire, whether that be someone that they know personally, a celebrity, or well-known leader in their field. Another frequently used option is to select a name from one of the namer's favorite books, movies, or television shows. The sitcom How I Met Your Mother appealed to many people and can provide a great source of inspiration for those seeking a name for a new pet. If you have a dog that never seems to look awkward in pictures, for instance, the name Barney may be appropriate, where a dog that loves to go boating might be better suited to a name like Captain or Becky. The names of Marshall's rough and tumble brothers Marvin and Marcus may be perfect for your rough and tumble doggo, and names like Scooter and Zoey may be ideal for that tenacious dog that simply will not give up.
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