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The eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius, the water bearer, is one of only three signs denoted by human figures and is the symbol that is said to represent those born between January 22nd and February 20th each year. Aquarians and those with a heavy Aquarian influence, generally tend to be intellectual purists who demand some form of independence but are also concerned with the welfare of humanity. This sign is frequently drawn to technological pursuits or pursuits involving social reform and justice, and although they may sometimes appear to be distant and withdrawn, they are typically tolerant and understanding with most people, even those from very different backgrounds. They typically prefer to control their emotional expressions, some even go so far as to suppress those emotions, but they will freely pour out their ideas and exchange knowledge with anyone who is interested. 

Famous Aquarius Dog Names in Pop Culture

Famous Aquarius Dog Name Considerations

There are a number of ways to pinpoint the most appropriate name for your new canine companion when choosing from a list of famous or notable individuals. Some people may start with their own hobbies or interests, leading a sports fans to choose a name like Toots, to honor wrestler Toots Mondt, or Ronda, after MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, and those who are musically inclined my prefer names like Alice, for Alice Cooper, Shakira, after singer-songwriter Shakira, or even Yoko, for the creative but divisive wife of the late John Lennon. A fan of the cinematic arts may be more drawn to a name like George, for George Romero, director of the Living Dead movies, or Lillian, in honor of Walt Disney’s wife Lillian Disney, an ink artist in her own right, but those who prefer to read may choose names honoring Aquarian authors like Jules Verne, Ayn Rand, Ransom Riggs, or Judy Blume. Other new pet parents may look to their dog’s personality instead to find the perfect moniker, choosing the first name of a comedian, like Eddie Izzard, Ellen Degeneres, or Teller, for the silent half of the duo Penn & Teller, for a dog that likes to make you laugh, whereas a dog with the need for speed may end up with, a name like Enzo, for race car driver and developer Enzo Ferrari. 

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Community Dogs With Famous Aquarius Names

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