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Dear rock music fan, you are a proud owner of a new, adorable puppy. If your love for rock music is only surpassed by your love for dogs, now would be the time to think about giving your new pooch a rock star name they deserve. The two of you will have many days listening to your favorite tunes, running together to the sounds of Paul Stanley’s Live to Win and dancing through the night to Elvis’ A Little Less Conversation. So, let’s dust off your dad’s old records and explore YouTube for the best of the best when it comes to rock star names!

Rock Star Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Rock Star Inspired Dog Name Considerations

“We can’t go on together with suspicious minds”, and “Here I go again on my own” are spinning around your head each day, David Coverdale, Steve Vai, Ritchie Blackmore, and Robert Plant are what you think of when someone says “rock”, dimly lit clubs and underground gigs are your save havens. If that is the case, you absolutely must have an epic rock star name for your new best friend. If your new pup has a soft coat, a name such as Kashmir (a song by Led Zeppelin) could work perfectly. For a quirky dog, Ziggy, one of many aliases of the best musician ever David Bowie, is more than a solid choice.

If you want to go a bit more modern, Kiedis, after Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chili Peppers, is an interesting choice. If your lovable dog has natural eyeliner, a name such as Navarro will suit them perfectly (plus it’s unisex!). Krauss, after an American singer Alexis Krauss, can be a perfect fit you’re your furry princess, and a name like Delilah is for the lady with a mild temper. Also, it is the song by Tom Jones. 

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Community Dogs with Rock Star Inspired Names

Wonder's name story for Rock Star Inspired Dog Names
Labradoodle Miniature
Hillsborough, CA

Stevie wonder

Dave growl after dave grohl of foo fighters!'s name story for Rock Star Inspired Dog Names
Dave growl after dave grohl of foo fighters!
Cocker Spaniel
Weymouth, MA
cool dude

foo fighters are the greatest!

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