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The Middle follows a dysfunctional family through their triumphs and trials. Unlike most television series where the characters are airbrushed to perfection and no-one ever has to make a bed, The Middle is a lot more realistic. It is funny because most of us can relate to the family's struggles. Each member of the family is accurately depicted, and most of us can root for the family. We just want to see the Heck family succeed, but to be honest, they probably won't. They're average and their lives are real. Which is why this show is so unique and hilarious.

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The Middle Inspired Dog Name Considerations

As we mentioned before, the Heck family is sublimely average. There is nothing special about them and they don't factor much in the grand scheme of things. Instead of trying to change the world or causing a storm, they are content to try and make it in their suburban environment. Nothing is perfect and life is very rarely easy for them, but it does make a refreshing change from all the other types of shows on the air. Most of us feel sorry for Frankie as she tries to make life special, but at the same time, we sympathize with her family who was happy with the way things are. 

The Middle was on the air for a long time. This means that the show gathered a loyal fan base who suddenly had an empty space in their lives when they had to say goodbye to the Heck gang. Thankfully, a new puppy with a Middle-themed name is perfect to fill that Heck-shaped hole in our lives. The names in this guide were chosen from the characters in the show and the actors that portrayed them. We also included a few names based on some fun facts about the popular show. 

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