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Esteemed, dramatic, and endlessly witty, Mad Men went from a new period drama to being known as one of the greatest television series of all-time seemingly overnight. To put it into perspective, it was the first basic cable series to win an Emmy for an Outstanding Drama Series and went on to collect 15 others along with five Golden Globes. The writing, acting, and accuracy have all been highly-regarded, and with it all came a nearly unrivaled cast of characters with wholly-identifiable names that will hold significant tenure in the minds of those who watched and loved the show (and even some who didn’t). Because of it, that same list of characters provides an ample roster of great names to give your dog, so we’ve compiled a shortlist of some of the show’s most memorable names and personalities for you to choose from. 

Mad Men Dog Names in Pop Culture

Mad Men Dog Name Considerations

Coming up with a good dog name generally takes a lot more than just picking your favorite character off a list and calling it quits. Of course, if you want to take the easy route you’re more than welcome! But for anyone who wants to come up with something more appropriate to them personally, we recommend starting by making a list of their most idiosyncratic traits and seeing who they most closely resemble. 

For example, if your dog seems to love just about every other dog they come in contact with, then Draper would be the perfect name. If they tend not to take orders well and prefer to do much of their own thing, then Sterling might be a better choice. If they have an air of entitlement, then Campbell would be suitable. If they are stern and like things to be in the order they’ve created, then Holloway would be a great pick. 

There is certainly no shortage of character traits you can line up, as the show’s nine seasons featured a wide variety of personalities from which to derive a suitable name. If you haven’t watched in a while but still love it and need some inspiration, don’t hesitate to sit down and rewatch a few episodes or seasons to generate some ideas. If the show proved anything about the creative process, it’s that inspiration can come from some pretty unlikely places (both on-screen and off).

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