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Sometimes humans and animals connect on a different level, as in the story of Secretariat, champion racehorse and owner Penny Chenery. Known to his trainers and handlers as "Big Red," Secretariat was the first horse to win Triple Crown honors in a twenty-five year period (prior to his win in 1973, the last winner took the Crown in 1958). The odds were always against Secretariat. However, Mrs. Chenery studied breeding. She took over her father's farm when he had a stroke, and she saved the farm by betting that a colt whose breeding history she'd studied would be worth millions. Although many tried to persuade her to sell the farm and forget about racing, Chenery never gave up on the big red colt, and he did not disappoint her.

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Secretariat Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Secretariat is a film that is primarily about a very special horse, and the relationship between this horse, his handlers, and his owner, Penny Chenery. Mrs. Chenery saw something special in Secretariat. Although she initially developed an interest in Secretariat before he was even born, the connection between Mrs. Chenery and "Big Red" was undeniable. At times, Red seemed to understand the things that Penny said to him. In fact, the night before one major race, Penny went down and visited with Red. The next day, it appeared as though the big colt had heard and considered her request. 

This type of relationship has been observed in dog/human relationships as well. Fortunately, this is evident in all breeds of dog. Sometimes, it is even evident in mixed breed dogs. All that is required is one human that believes in the possibility of greatness in the dog. Some dogs are naturally heroic. The Golden Retriever was bred to be uniquely tuned into their human companions. Today, they are great therapy dogs. The German Shepherd has served as a police or military dog for decades. The Belgian Malinois is specifically bred for police work. Although these are just a few breeds, any dog can make a connection with their humans in the way Secretariat connected to Mrs. Chenery. 

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