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If you love the Maltese breed, you certainly aren’t alone.  Choosing the perfect name for your four-legged friend is really important because you want to show this little pooch just how special he is.  By looking at what names are popular or suit this particular breed and by considering temperament, size or color, this guide has been created to inspire you.  The Maltese is a popular breed amongst celebrities, and we can also feel inspired by celebrities when choosing names for our quirky little companion. This pooch will certainly be a perfect addition to your loving family!

Maltese Dog Names in Pop Culture

Maltese Dog Name Considerations

There are a few considerations that we might want to bear in mind when choosing a name for our Maltese.  A Maltese is white in color and often color can inspire us when deciding on a name that suits our pet.  The color white is quite symbolic as it often reflects being clean or pure.  It can motivate us to choose names like Snowy, Blizzard, Frosty or Diamond.  A Maltese is a small breed and this can again inspire us to choose names like Minnie, Teeny, or Peanut.  Maybe your Maltese is small, yet bursting with personality which means you might want a name to reflect this, like Titan.  The coat of a Maltese breed can influence our choice with names like Fluffy.  A Maltese is a pristine and beautiful breed so why not play around with names and try doubling them up.  You could have Princess Daisy for instance, or Major Ice.  Write down some of your favorite names from the list below and experiment, but remember you will need to shout out the name in public from time to time.  Maltese are known to be sprightly and fun-loving so you could also choose names to suit this temperament like Tinker, Dancer, or Sprite.  It’s so important to choose the right name so why not have a family or friend vote?

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Community Dogs with Maltese Names

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