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One of the main things that make puppies cute is their roly poly bodies. They are round and have loads of wrinkles. That adorable puppy fat often stays with a dog into adulthood. Some pooches also end up putting on the pounds with every year of life, especially after they are altered. Rolls on a canine are simply darling. A chubby doggy pulls at the heartstrings and just makes you want to give out a big old hug so you can feel all that squishy stuffing on a squirmy body. Without letting the health of the dog become an issue, enjoy your pup's unique form and choose a name that celebrates his sweet look and demeanor.

Dog Names Meaning Chubby in Pop Culture

Dog Names Meaning Chubby

Chubby dogs are common. In today's society, obesity is a rising phenomenon. It is estimated that between 32 to 36 of all Americans are overweight. Unfortunately, it is also a rising problem in canines. When it comes to the health risks associated with those few extra pounds, dogs are no different than humans. The heavier a dog is, the more health risks it may experience.

Researchers have revealed that a quarter of all chubby canines will end up suffering from joint problems. Hip dysplasia and arthritis are worsened by an ever-increasing girth on the animal. Heart disease and blood pressure also become commonplace when Fido packs on the pounds. An increased risk for cancer, diabetes, liver problems, and digestive disorders also start to occur.

Many dogs show chubbiness as puppies but upon maturity, they naturally start to develop a lean musculature. However, altering the dog and allowing it to overindulge in food all make the pooch start to experience unwanted extra pounds. Also, a sedate lifestyle takes its toll. Dogs are designed to be active and hunt for their food in the wild. An active lifestyle and the natural diet of wild canines keeps them from becoming heavy. However, the domestic life of a dog is anything but nutritionally sound and active.

Despite the dangers of obesity in canines, dogs continue to be overweight and they pull at a person’s heart strings. When you first see your fat puppy, you are probably going to want to call it a moniker that denotes the many rolls and its overall cuteness factor. You will want to consider the typical adult look of the breed of dog that you have chosen and select a name that can be carried throughout their lifetime.

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