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A person's worst nightmare is carried out in the hilarious and musical film (and book) Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine (1997). The story follows the sweet and witty Cinderella, or Ella, as she goes about her daily life; however, this tale is slightly different from the traditional Cinderella story that we all know and love. Here, Ella has been "gifted" (more like cursed) with the skill of obedience. No matter what anyone tells her do, even if it is foolish or dangerous, she must do it. This leads her into a world of trouble, as can be imagined, and when it comes down to forever obeying or breaking the curse to save the one she loves, Ella must learn to overcome her gift of obedience; or lose everything while trying.

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Ella Enchanted Inspired Dog Name Considerations

You don't have to have an obedience curse cast on you in order to want one of these awesome names for your own pup. Thanks to the fact that Ella Enchanted is both a book and a film, we are provided with a lot of great options to choose from. A few of the titles on this list are even names that mean "enchanting" or "obedient" so if you are looking for something that reflects your dog's personality well, titles such as "Obee" (obedient), "Ramana" (enchanting), or "Enchanta" may be something to consider. 

No one breed will fit this category better than another. Whether you have a large dog or a small dog, long haired or short, kind or feisty, the Ella Enchanted universe provides plenty of options for everyone. For instance, if you have a small Terrier, the moniker "Ella" or "Elf" might be a great fit due to the fact that this breed is loyal, determined, and spirited; just like Ella herself! For larger dogs, names such as "Ogre", "Giant", "Charmont", and "Queen" could be excellent. These names, while simple, are perfect for breeds such as Mastiffs, Great Danes, and Bernese Mountain dogs (to name a few) as they are fun, large, and attention grabbers. 

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