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Whether you like monsters, animated films, or just enjoy Chinese filmography, the movie, “Monster Hunt” is an awesome flick to see. The film portrays a world where the monsters rule the world and humans have to stay in their own space. Wuba is a mutant baby born to the Monster Queen and a human father who is half monster and half human but is 100% adorable. “Monster Hunt” is fun and was one of the most popular films ever to be released in China. Although there are no canine companions in the movie, there are some pretty cool names that may fit your poochie since you are looking for a new moniker.

Monster Hunt Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Monster Hunt Inspired Dog Name Considerations

So you got a new canine kid? That means you are going to need some creature comforts for your furever friend like a new cozy doggy bed, a leash and collar for taking walks, some crunchy bones, yummy treats and dog kibble, fun dog toys, a veterinary professional, and the ideal moniker to fit your pooch. When searching for the best name, it is best to spend some quality time with your new furry family member so you can get to know their personality. They may just have some silly but cute habits or quirks that will give you the perfect idea for a name. 

For instance, if your poochie is one of those pups who likes to sneak up on you and scare you, how about the name Creepy, Scary, or Baisu, which is the Lithuanian name for scary? If you have a large brown dog, try the name Chewbacca, and Cujo would be a fun name for a Saint Bernard. Demon is furfect for a black pupster, Ogre or Ogress are both great for a huge doggo, and Fiend, Goblin, or Nixie are all adorable titles for a petite pooch. Here are some of our favorites. 

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Community Dogs With Monster Hunt Inspired Names

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