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The Beagle is a hound dog, similar to a fox hound (who is likely his ancestor) although he is smaller. The Beagle may be small, but he possesses great endurance. He may be serious, calm, and quiet; he can also be quite humorous at times. He is not prone to lots of play and silliness. He is a terrific scent hound, and he is used to hunt all types of game - small animals such as squirrels and raccoons or larger prey like white-tail deer. The Beagle can be a little on the obstinate side, but this is partially due to his desire to sniff out prey. He loves to wander, again at the behest of his nose. He is highly intelligent and craves adventure. Naming your curious Beagle can be fun; keep it simple and keep it unique to suit this happy breed.

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Beagle Dog Name Considerations

The Beagle is a scent hound, first and foremost. This makes him a terrific hunter. If you've ever watched Disney's The Fox and The Hound and watched Copper seem to be led by his nose, then you can understand the drive of the nose behind the Beagle. Because the Beagle was bred to hunt, you may face some issues with his desire to follow that instinct. However, the Beagle is extremely intelligent. Don't give up on training a Beagle. It may take up to a year to have him working the way you'd like, but once the Beagle learns, he does not forget. He is generally a laid-back, even-tempered dog. He will look to you for commands, so, as many experts recommend, choose a name for him that is simple and easy to remember (one or two-syllable names are often best for training a dog so that he is not easily confused). Often, Beagle pet parents choose a name that befits their particular Beagle's personality. Some pet parents will give their Beagle a name that describes their coat color or other unique traits (names such as Spot for a Beagle that might have an extra spot on his muzzle, for instance). Whatever name you choose for your Beagle pup, consider his hardiness and devotion to the hunt as well as unique personality traits he possesses.
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Community Dogs with Beagle Names

Beau's name story for Beagle Dog Names
Houston, TX

When we got him, his name was Beau. I wanted to change his name at first, possibly to Bo. Both names are pronounced the same, but my favorite comedian is Bo Burnham. I got him for Christmas, we walked into the garage and my parents had snuck the puppy in while we were asleep! I decided to keep it as Beau, because he may not be BEAUtiful on the outside, but he’s BEAUtiful on the inside. 😂 (p.s. he’s a mix of beagle but we don’t know the other breed, we think it’s Boxer.)

Daisey's name story for Beagle Dog Names
Phillipsburg, NJ

We got her for Christmas so we didn't get to name her.

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