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Of all of the cities states in ancient Greece, perhaps none have become better regarded than the land of Sparta. What distinguished Sparta from many of Greece's other city states was their army; the Spartan army was such an effective fighting force that, despite their relatively small size when compared to the armies of other nations, were able to repel numerous combatants despite numerous invasion attempts by others. As depicted in the massively successful film 300, the Spartans were such a tough band of brothers that they were able to repel a massive Persian invading force during the battle of Thermopylae. For their valor, fearlessness in battle, pioneering of Laconic speech, and efficacy in combat, the Spartans have lived in on history as some of the world's greatest warriors.

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Spartan Dog Name Considerations

The very term Spartan has become synonymous with toughness, valor, and combat readiness; many writers have used the term as a shorthand to indicate that a character or a group of characters are among some of the finest, most elite warriors in their world (for example, the legendary Spartans from the Halo series of video games.) Even members of the United States military have taken to referring to themselves as Spartans, such as the 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division of the United States Army for instance. so, if you'd like for your dog to have a name that instantly commands the respect of others while also paying homage to one of the single most effective fighting forces in the history of the world, consider naming your dog after one of the numerous Spartan warriors from Greece.

While King Leonidas is undoubtedly the most famous Spartan king of them all, in large part due to his various appearances in movies, TV shows, books, and games, there are plenty of legendary Spartan's for you to name your dog after. The witty King Agesilaos is responsible for many of the pithy sayings that are associated with Spartans, while Queen Arachidamia helped the women of Sparta repel an invasion attempt by Pyrrhus of Epirus.

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