Sesame Street Inspired Dog Names

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Sesame Street aired its first episode in 1969 and although it has gone through many changes throughout the years, it has kept its combination of sketch comedy, animation, live action, and puppetry for nearly five decades. Not only does the show help kids to learn the basics of counting, letter recognition, and reading, it also tackles more difficult subjects such as how to treat people who are different than the child and how to deal with difficult emotional situations like military service, divorce, and even death. This show has made a large impact for many of the people who watched it as children, and continues to influence kids even today.

Sesame Street Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Sesame Street Inspired Dog Name Considerations

There are many ways to select a name for your new canine companion. Some pet parents choose to select a name based on an individual that they admire or respect. This can either be someone that they know, like a family member, friend, or work associate, or a well-known leader in a certain field, like architect Frank Lloyd Wright, early computing maven Ada Lovelace, or director Steven Spielberg. Others may choose a name based on a subject of interest, such as the botanist who chooses a name like Daisy or Juniper, or the astrology or astronomy buff who picks Chiron or Venus for their pet's new moniker. 

Another popular option is to choose a name based on a book, movie, or television show that brings them joy. Sesame Street has been on the air for nearly five decades; it has entertained and educated children over several generations and has a number of great characters, both human and puppet, to inspire great names. If you have a dog with a grouchy exterior but a heart of gold, names like Oscar, Grungetta, or Mr. Hooper might fit the bill, and a name like Abby or Mumford works well for a dog that seems to disappear and reappear at random. There are names for highly food motivated dogs like Goldilocks or Cookie Monster, and names for dogs who simply make you feel happier in life, like Radar, Bernice, or Fluffster. Whatever type of dog you are bringing home, there is sure to be a name for them on Sesame Street.

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