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Some dogs look like fighters, but inside they are just marshmallows. Other pooches merely have a robust, hardcore attitude and they don't get along well with other canines. It is not uncommon for some breeds to be a trooper at heart. It seems like it is in their nature and no amount of socializing will change their attitude. If your dog is a true-blue fighter or just looks the part, you might want to bestow a real fight moniker on your fur buddy. If you are a fan of the sport of boxing or martial arts, a name meaning fighter may fit the bill for your new addition.

Dog Names Meaning Fighter in Pop Culture

Dog Names Meaning Fighter

Is your pooch all brawn? Does the dog look like a fighter? Well, even if the animal is a lover you can still pick a fighter's name to make everyone think the pooch is hard-as-nails. Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield, or Joe Frazier are strong fighter names that you might want to bestow on your four-legged buddy. Boxers have also been famous for their unique nicknames that might also be a perfect choice for your fighter pooch. Who can forget mixed martial artists and boxers with nicknames like 'Iceman' or 'Hitman'? 

If you aren't a boxing or mixed martial arts (MMA) fan, then you can always go a different route when thinking of fighter names. How about the name of a great warrior like Geronimo or a knight like Lancelot? All were known as great fighters. 

Even if your canine is a female, you can still choose from a wide array of female warriors who have fought in battle right alongside their male counterparts. After all, who can forget Queen  Boudica, Joan of Ark, or the great female samurai Takeko? All three led armies and fought beside their male counterparts in battle. 

Picking a fighter name for your dog can be a fun experience even if your furry friend lacks any true fight spirit. A tough name might be the pick-me-up moniker that your pooch needs to give the animal confidence at the dog park, or it could be the handle that lets everyone know your dog is one tough cookie, so steer clear. 

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