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If watching movies set in snowy areas make you cold, you may be okay with this one because the storyline and the adorable sled dogs will warm your heart. “Iron Will” is a 1994 Disney film about a boy named Will whose father is killed during a mushing race when he falls into an icy river. Since Will is left to take care of the family and the bills as the oldest child in the family and wants money for college, he decides to compete in a dog sled race that his father was planning on entering. There are a lot of pawesome pups in this show including Will’s lead musher, Gus, who is played by a Siberian Husky named “Royal Beauty Cola Bear.” Now that is a furific name!

Iron Will Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Iron Will Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Getting a new canine kiddo is a big responsibility. You will need to get all kinds of things to make your fur buddy feel more comfortable coming into a new home. For instance, a bunch of fun toys to play with, yummy kibble and treats, a soft, cozy bed, chewy bones for healthy teeth, a leash and collar to go for walks, a veterinarian to keep your pupster healthy, and the furfect name, of course. And since you are on this page, you are probably looking for a name that is related to the movie or book, “Iron Will,” so we will stick to that genre. 

There are some great character and actor names in the movie that would be terrific titles for your pooch. Some of these include Gus, who was the lead dog in the film. Harry, is a pawfect name for a furry doggo and Angus would be fun for a large dog. Rusty is great for a red pup and Brittany would be cute for a Brittany Spaniel. There’s also a bunch of cold-weather or sled dog-related names such as Snowy, Blizzard, or Ice for a white furbaby, Flash for a fast pup, and Musher for a sled dog. 

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