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Most dogs are kind and loving. These personality features are the main reasons why people keep canines as pets throughout the world. It is estimated that 67 percent of all households have at least one dog in the United States, according to the Insurance Information Institute.  Such high numbers show how essential dogs are to humans. Several factors endear dogs to their human caretakers such as love, kindness, and companionship. Why not pick a name that denotes such soft characteristics?

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Dog Name Meaning Kind Considerations

Many people wonder why dogs are so kind and social. Researchers have recently genotyped canines and found that a specific genetic alteration may be the answer to a canine's benevolent nature. Variants of particular genes called WBSCR17, GTF2I, and GTF2IRD are altered in friendly pet dogs compared to their wild counterparts the wolves. Human's who lack the same genes have a genetic disorder known as Wilson's Syndrome which makes them overly loving. It is theorized that when wild canines first paired up with humans, they merely needed to be kind and generous to survive, so they adapted through genetic alterations. Even though dogs seem perfect to their owners, the animals are still going through various evolutionary changes according to scientists, so the chances are they are going to get better year after year. 

If you own a kind and sweet four-legged buddy, then you should consider a name that showcases your animal's unique nature. You could also name your furry buddy after a famous canine or person who is known for their affectionate nature. Even a simple name like Charity might be the perfect choice for your female dog, and for your male pooch, you could tag him with Charleton. Both monikers denote kindness.

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