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Valentine's Day is a much celebrated day for lovers, and nothing is cuter than a little puppy love on February 14th.  However, Valentine's Day is not just for lovers.  Many people celebrate with adopting a dog for themselves as well as getting gifts for their pets; after all, there is no love like the love of your canine companion.  People who adopt a dog on or near Valentine's Day may want to remember the special moment.  Naming your dog after a Valentine's Day theme is the perfect way to remember where you were and the love you felt when you first set eyes on your best friend.

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Valentine's Day Dog Name Considerations

Like so many themes, there are no breed, size, or color restrictions on the Valentine's Day theme.  Most people chose this theme to help name their new family member because they're adopted him or her for, or around Valentine's Day.  However, not even the time of year is restrictive, and you can choose a Valentine's Day name in mid-July if that suits your feelings about your dog.  Valentine's Day is about love, and the only consideration owners should take is how much they love their dog.  Within the Valentine's Day theme, there are names that are more size, breed, and color specific.  For example, Red or Rose might be more fitting for a reddish brown colored dog.  Pet names like Sweetpea, Pookie, or Snookums may suit smaller dogs better while Thaddeus, Roman, and Conor sound like big dog names.  Many names within the Valentine's Day theme are derived from non-English words and owners may wish to pay their dog's breed heritage homage by selecting one of these names.  For example, you may want to name your French heritage Papillon Aime, which is French for love or your German heritage Schnauzer Shotzey, which is German for loved one.
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