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The Pomeranian is a popular breed of dog, sometimes referred to as the Pom Pom.  This little bundle of fur is a favorite breed amongst celebrities.  They make ideal pets, and are good with other dogs and children although supervision is recommended.  Not only is the Pom Pom popular, it is also an intelligent breed and is depicted as the hero of the story as Gidget, in the animated movie, The Secret Life of Pets. Naming your Pomeranian is serious business, because your Pomeranian needs a deserving name to match its character, its cuteness and its color. 

Pomeranian Dog Names in Pop Culture

Pomeranian Dog Name Considerations

As the owner of a Pomeranian, you need a fitting name.  It has to suit its proud and elegant exterior.  Saying that, you might want to spend a couple of days getting to know your new family edition as they have also been known to have spunky and feisty streak. The Pomeranian is a toy breed, with massive personality.  They come in many different colors: some are bright white, while others are black with a brown chest and other brown markings.  They can also be fawn in color with white or brown markings. Color can often motivate our choice of a name so that’s a characteristic to keep in mind when naming your Pom Pom.    

Your Pom Pom may suit a brave name like Major, a royal name like Princess, or a cute name like Cubby Bear.  If they are precious, you might be inspired to choose a gemstone name like Amethyst, Ruby or Diamond. Choosing a forever name for any pet isn’t always easy.  There are a variety of Pomeranian names for both male and female dogs below, so take your time.  Write a list of those you are considering, talk about it to family and friends, or even mention the names to your dog and see if you get any interest in the perking up of ears or the wagging of the tail!   

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Community Dogs with Pomeranian Names

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