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The Brittany is a fairly small canine compared to most gun dogs but is particularly versatile hunting partner and equally pleasant home companion. While the American and the French Brittany are considered to be one breed, collectively the Brittany, differences in breeding programs have created a few minor differences. The legs of the Americanized Brittany are generally longer than those of the French and while the orange and white is a commonly seen color combination for both, French Brittanies typically have a black nose and are more likely than their American counterparts to have coats with liver or black instead of orange. 

French Brittany Dog Names in Pop Culture

French Brittany Dog Name Considerations

There are several things that you can take into consideration when naming your new French Brittany, including your specific canine companion’s appearance, personality, or even their job. If your dog is to be used for hunting, or any other type of work that requires you to call out commands over a distance, it is particularly important that the name be one that is easy for your dog to hear and differentiate from their commands, even at a distance. Brittany dogs are known for having a pleasant and cheerful outlook on life and so there are several names on this list that reflect that tendency, such as Aida and Jolee. While there are names that refer to a dog with a red or orange-colored coat such as Alani, Russell, and Cam, there are also a good number of names such as Colbey, Darci, and Kieran that refer to the darker coat, to reflect the darker colors that are more common with the French Brittany than with the American, although the color related name Roan would work for either variety of Brittany. This breed consists of fairly compact dogs, with the French variety of Brittany having slightly shorter legs than their American counterparts, so names like Marmion or Prewitt may also be appropriate. Some names may be suitable for just about any good gun dog, such as Gawain, Takuya, and Tallis, where others might have a specific connection to the type of prey, such as Kafka, Neka, or Perdrix. 

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