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Let’s face the facts,  all puppies are mischievous to a certain degree. They are usually a four-legged hurricane that lives to play, chew and get into everything. Pooches of all ages like to have fun but when they are little they like to have a lot of fun and that level of playfulness is what inevitably gets them into trouble. Sometimes loads of trouble. If you own a dog or a puppy then you might want to consider naming them a handle that belies their mischievous nature. 

Televisions shows and movies love to pick a mutt as the mischievous character who is smart but always getting into trouble. There is probably no canine that is more famous for its mischievous nature then Eddie, the adorable little Jack Russell, from the long-running sitcom Frasier. 

Even in real life, the Jack Russell who played Eddie was known for his naughty nature. The dog actor’s name was Moose and even his first life owners couldn’t handle his antics. He ended up being rehomed to a Hollywood dog trainer named  Mathilde Halberg. Under her tutelage, the spunky Jack Russell rose to acting fame when he landed the role in Frasier. 

Dog Names Meaning Mischievous in Pop Culture

Dog Name Meaning Mischievous Considerations

If Eddie sounds like your four-legged mischievous buddy then you might want to consider a name that showcases his endearing behavior. Many dog owners can relate to Eddie’s fiery personality.

Moose, the dog who played Eddie, would live until he was 15 when he would pass away of natural causes. During his later years, the pooch suffered from dementia and other physical ailments but he still retained the vexing personality that made him such a unique canine and helped him create one of the most famous television dogs in history. 

A mischievous canine buddy might be a little bit hard to handle at times but the odds are good that he keeps your life interesting by making sure you are on your toes day in and day out. You probably never know what he is going to do next. When you consider a name that depicts his character, you should think of famous dogs who share his exasperating traits and words that also showcase his nature. There is a bevy of monikers to choose from that are not only unusual but also sure to attract attention from people who will wonder why you picked such a name for your frolicsome four-legged buddy. 

Most pet owners who share their lives with troublemaking pooches have one story after another to tell about their canine. Owning a mischief maker is a bit like having a two year old human toddler who never grows up. They are always into something, breaking something, or doing something rowdy. Their most endearing quality is their ability to make you feel like you want to pull your hair out by the roots but then they will turn around and do something sweet to melt your heart. The adventures just keep coming and you learn new ways to cope. 

Even with obedience training, a dog with a mischievous nature will continue to get into good-hearted trouble. His impish personality is the thing that sets him apart from other mutts who might be model canine citizens but lack the fire of your boy’s insubordinate heart. 

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Community Dogs with Mischievous Names

Spirit's name story for Dog Names Meaning Mischievous
Bakersfield, CA
adorably cute

The reason why I am naming my puppy Spirit is because she is very very, very very WILD. And because she is a very unique and this name is very unique. I have not heard nobody that I know name their puppy this. She can be a handful and sometimes a handful but that is okay. She is like a liking machine and she is so funny. So cute but soooooooooo mischieious.

Rex's name story for Dog Names Meaning Mischievous
Kalaheo, HI

We just didn’t know what to name him so we just chose Rex for his name so yeah

Gohan's name story for Dog Names Meaning Mischievous
Siberian Husky
Hawaiian Beaches, HI
Intelligent; Silent killer


Malandra's name story for Dog Names Meaning Mischievous
Swansea, IL
Full of herself

My dad came home one day with a beige puppy. It was a chihuahua called Malandra. We call her Mala for short, Malandra means tough girl

Pixie's name story for Dog Names Meaning Mischievous
Shih Tzu
Baltimore, MD

as soon as we saw her she started to jump around and we loved her instantly she is very wild and pixie is the name for a wild fairy she always gets into thing but we still love her she sleeps with us and dreams about chasing cats,bunnys,mice,and squirrels

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