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Let the chips fall where they may! You love the crunchy delights almost as much as you love your new fur baby or older rescue. Chips are often our go-to snack, side of choice, and even guilty pleasure. They’re a sensory experience for sure. They’re full of flavor, super crispy, and wonderfully noisy. They smell great, and when we see them, we simply must grab a bag for the road, walk, sail, flight… You get the idea. Why not name your pooch after this beloved potato treat? We think you’ll love browsing some of the names in our guide and thinking of other possible chip inspired names on your own!

Chip Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Chip Inspired Dog Name Considerations

If you love chips as much as we think you do, then you are going to love brainstorming chip inspired names for your four-legged pal. You might try thinking of your favorite flavors of chips: “Nacho,” “Dill,” “Olive,” and “Frenchie” might be good options. You could consider chip brands as well, calling your pup something like “Pop,” “Lays,” “Tostitos,” “Pringles,” “Fritos,” or “Terra.” Beyond that, try the following titles on for size: “Funyun,” “Cheetos,” “Zapp,” “Munchos,” “Ruffles,” “Sunny,” or “Stacy.” If your doggo replies with a tail-wag or lick in the face, then you know you’ve landed the best moniker for your precious fur child.

Chips are fun to eat, and your dog is fun to be around. They may even like chips of sorts themselves. Bring your chip love into the name games, and don’t forget to think about names like “Crispy,” “Tater,” or “Wavy.” Consider what chips look like, what they’re called, how they taste, and your all-time list of best flavors. Surely, this will put you on the path to a fitting name for your canine. You might list off dips as well: “Salsa,” “Bean,” “Pico,” “Cheesy,” and other “dippy” titles could be exactly what you’re looking for.

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