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For many people, books and literature is an important part of their lives, and they celebrate this by naming their dogs after fictional characters or the authors who crafted them.  The options for literary-inspired dog names is boundless and guided by one's personal favorites.  For many people, literature characters are like old, steady friends who can revisit over and over again as the years pass.  Dog owners may wish to honor their dogs and their favorite literary pieces by selecting a name that befits the disposition or appearance of their dog.  Or, dog owners may just have a favorite literary reference they have to use, no matter how the fit.

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Literary Inspired Dog Name Considerations

There are very few considerations dog owners need to make when selecting a literary name for their new pooch.  Overall, just about any size or breed of dog can fit into a literary-inspired name reference.  However, some names are better suited to different types of dogs.  Overall, dog owners should consider what their canine companion would look like if he or she were human.  This is helpful in determining if the name fits and should be relatively easy for most readers considering they use a vast deal of imagination during reading.  For example, Atticus is a reference to Harper Lee's Atticus Finch.  Lee's Atticus is a man of tall character who agrees to defend Tom Robinson, a black man, in a criminal case.  Atticus is hailed as America's most noted literary hero and while any dog might share his name, consider naming a large, loyal dog this classic name.  Some dog owners may wish to name their dog after one of their favorite authors.  If you already have your dog, consider his color, size, and disposition.  Shelley is a great name for a large female dog considering Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein.  Fitz, after F. Scott Fitzgerald, is more fitting for a small Terrier type or a possibly a red-colored dog.  The beauty of the literary-inspired dog name is that there are hardly any restrictions or even great considerations to make.  Go with your heart and have fun.
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Pip's name story for Literary Inspired Dog Names
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Columbia, MD

Named Pip for my fav book, Great Expectations.

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