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While it is typically considered a luxury, playing is actually a very important part of our lives and this is true for nearly all living creatures, including both humans and canines. It gives us an outlet for daily stress, teaches us social skills, encourages healthy bonding, and improves our cognitive and creative abilities as well as our fine motor control. This skill is one that can often get buried in the everyday business of life and one of the many benefits to having a canine companion is that they make energetic and accepting playmates that help to remind us to play a little each day.

Playful Dog Names in Pop Culture

Playful Dog Name Considerations

Choosing your new dog’s name is an exciting and important step, and one that you will hopefully be living with for quite some time. People have many reasons for choosing the names they do for their pets. Some people choose to give their pet a name that embodies a trait they either admire or that they desire for their canine companion, such as playfulness. There are many names for dogs that could be considered playful, and these can be further narrowed down by examining the animal’s own skills and personality so that your dog that is constantly making holes in the garden may end up as Digger and the dog that knows exactly what time dinner and walks are supposed to occur may receive the moniker Clockwork. Your personal interests may also guide you to a name; computer aficionados may be more likely to gravitate towards a name like Atari while a car enthusiast may be drawn to a name like Matchbox.  It is important to note that although this list is separated out into lists of male and female names, many of the names below, such as Frisbee, Hopscotch, and Splash are equally suitable for either, so you may want to peruse both lists. 

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Community Dogs with Playful Names

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