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If you are a history or travel buff then the chances are good that you are enamored with Egypt. One of the best ways to display your interest is to bestow a unique Egyptian moniker on your beloved pooch. There are numerous names and key historical Egyptian figures that you can pay homage to and name your dog after. Any Egyptian name that you choose will be unique and people will definitely ask you about the origins of your dog’s name. Whether it's a ruler, god or goddess, or an animal related to Egypt there are a myriad of suggestions when it comes to this theme.

Egyptian Dog Names in Pop Culture

Egyptian Dog Name Considerations

There is no denying that Ancient Egypt holds a mysterious appeal. Most people know that Egyptians revered cats, but dogs also played an important role in their lifestyle. Dogs often symbolized gods and were frequently kept as domestic pets. Interestingly, the hieroglyphics never show dogs as an animal to be petted but they were nonetheless valued because they were often mummified and buried in the tombs of their owners. In Abydos, Egypt there is even a place that was specifically set aside for dog burials. The dogs were laid to rest beside women, archers, and dwarfs.

Egyptians referred to dogs as ‘iwiw’ which denotes the sound of the animal’s bark. Canines were regularly used for hunting, guarding, and in a military capacity. The names of ancient Egyptian dogs have been gathered from the collars, which were commonly buried with the dogs. The dog’s collar would have its own name lovingly engraved on it. Many dogs were simply named after their colors but others were named only numbers. Others were bestowed with handles that were simply words of endearment. Some were also named after the pooch’s unique abilities or talents.

There are several breeds of dogs that are believed to hail from Ancient Egypt. The Basenji,  Greyhound, Pariah, Ibizan, Saluki, and Whippet are all believed to have roots in the desert land. Whippets were actually considered the dogs of the pharaohs and are believed to be closely related to the Greyhound and the Pariah. The Molassian was brought to Egypt by Greek traders. The Egyptians quickly took a liking to the Molassian and used them for hunting and war.

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