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The sound of rain falling gently on leaves or even rooftops can be extremely relaxing and comforting to some who hear it. The whispering swish of the water tumbling from the sky is the perfect inspiration for naming a dog that may bring about those same feelings of comfort. Just like the rain can be graceful, or torrential, the personality of the dog can vary between these two categories. Of course, along with rain comes thunder, lighting, grey misty clouds, or dark ominous overcast skies. There is no doubt that if you are someone who loves the rain, one of these names must be considered for your new puppy pal.

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Dog Name Meaning Rain Considerations

Thanks to the varying states of rain, any size, breed, color, or personality of dog can fit into this category! For instance, color alone offers so many options it is incredible. From light grey, dark grey, black, white, cream, and even a silvery colored coat, all of these can fit well into categories that describe the types of rain clouds. Spotted or striped coats can also bear a name that means "rain" perfectly, as these marks reflect the drops that would be seen on things such as windows or dusty vehicles. When it comes to personality, as mentioned above, names that mean "rain" can work well for all types of different dogs. If you have a graceful pup who loves to gallop around in the rain, a name such as "Pitter Pat" or perhaps "Amitola" (which means rainbow) could be a couple of excellent options. Dogs who love to cuddle or bring you lots of comfort could bear names such as "Rayne", "Badal" (rain cloud), or "Marka" (meaning steady rain). Any of these would be perfect for capturing that cozy feeling of a rainy day. If you have a large dog, consider "Hadad", and if you have a small dog, "Rehaam".
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