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When you really love a movie or book, it is really tempting to name a pet after a character or some other aspect of the story. It can be really challenging to pick just the right name, because you want something special to your bond with the story, but that also makes a great name for a pooch, especially one that looks and acts like yours. If you love the Eragon series, you have tons of unique, clever names to choose from. We have compiled a list of our favorite dog names from the Eragon series of books and movies to help you along your name search.

Eragon Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Eragon Inspired Dog Name Considerations

The Eragon series is full of unique names. Many of them sound like they are from another world. You may have notions about the name based on the characters from the series, so that can help you determine whether or not the names are going to be suitable for your pooch or not.

Think about the size and demeanor of your pup when selecting a name from Eragon. There are dragons, humans, elves, dwarves, and animals in the series. If you are bringing home a large dog, maybe you want to use a dragon or human name for the pooch. Small dogs may be better suited to the elf or dwarf names from the series.

You can also consider the breed of dog and their origins or appearance. Many of the names in the series come from Old Norse, German, Old English, and Russian. If you have a Norwegian Elkhound, for example,  you may want to pick one of the names that comes from Norse origin. A Russian breed, such as the Caucasian Shepherd Dog might be well-suited for a Russian-based name.

Or, you may just want to pick a name from a character that you really love or a name that you really like.

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