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Names inspired by celestial bodies are getting more and more popular by the day. One of the main reasons why this trend exists is due to celebrities and other iconic personalities naming both their children and pets after different objects in space. This type of name not only sounds extraordinary, it also radiates a somewhat exotic yet majestic vibe. If you’re the kind of pet owner who has an affinity for astronomy, especially planets, you may find yourself gravitating towards names inspired by these celestial bodies for your pets. Although space-themed names are no longer uncommon, they are still very much prominent.

Planet Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Planet Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Space-themed dog names, specifically planet-inspired ones, are relatively popular among dog owners. Astrophile or not, all dog owners have the freedom to name their furbabies after planets and other celestial objects related to it. There is no point choosing an ordinary and conventional name when you can choose a name that is literally out of this world.

The galaxy holds billions, if not trillions, of planets altogether but the most common and recognized ones are the eight planets within the solar system - Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Another common and recognized planet in the solar system is Pluto; in the early 1930s, it was officially considered as the 9th planet next to Neptune. However, as technology gets more advanced, plenty of discoveries were made and as a result, Pluto got reconsidered as a dwarf planet.

So if you’re planning to name your pup after a planet, you can simply name it after one of the aforementioned planets. You may also want to match your dog’s size with the size of a certain planet. For example, Mercury is known to be the smallest planet in the solar system, so choosing this name for a small dog breed would make sense.

Apart from the planets’ names, you also have the option to name your dog after a planet’s moon. Good examples of such names would be “Elara” and “Leda,” which are both moons of Jupiter. 

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