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It is an awesome family event when you bring home a new puppy.  Not only is it a celebratory affair, but it also carries with it some new obligations for you and other members of your family.  Those new responsibilities include things like choosing the best food and snacks to feed your latest family member, deciding on the sleeping arrangements and when to begin the various types of training needed - and who is in charge of any of these activities.  There is still another essential task to which attention requires focussing - that of naming your precious pup.

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Some pet owners don’t give a great deal of thought to the label they assign to their pets, while others take this task quite seriously.  If you are one of the latter pet parents, we at Wag! would like to help you get over this hurdle more easily by encouraging you to develop a plan of attack.  You could create a list of possible pet titles by thinking about your favorite foods. These could be words like Mac for macaroni or Rotelle for that yummy wheel-shaped pasta, or why not consider some of your kid’s toys, like Topper for that spinning top they love or Bella as a variation of the ball that both the big kids and little kids in the house love?  May we at Wag! suggest the exploration of words or names that mean ‘round?’  Synonyms for the word 'round' that you could use are arch, circular, ring, looped spiral, cylindrical, elliptical, curled and spherical.

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