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Clowns, in one form or another, have been keeping us entertained since before historical records were kept. Most ancient civilizations have clowns or satirists of one form or another, such as the Heyoka of the Lakota tribes, the rustic fool of Greek and Roman theater, and the Ch’angbu, a Korean clown and spiritual ancestor. Many of the features that are considered classically clown-like were developed by Joseph Grimaldi in the 1800s, leading clowns to be referred to as Joeys for many decades. There are many different varieties of clown, from the traditional Auguste and Harlequin type clowns to modern circus clowns, and they can also provide a great deal of inspiration for naming your new canine companion.

Clown Dog Names in Pop Culture

Clown Dog Name Considerations

There are many things to take into account when choosing a new name for your canine companion. A good name is one that can be clearly and consistently pronounced by all of your pooch's new family members, to make it easier for your dog to relate the name to themselves, as well as one that is easy to distinguish from your dog's general obedience commands, to avoid confusion while training. Some individuals prefer to use a name that reminds them of happy times, brings them back to their childhood, or that they can relate to a specific field of interest for them. For many people, clowns evoke all of these feelings and there are many different famous clowns as well as types of clown that can provide inspiration for names. If you have a dog with a perpetually sad look on their face a name like Tramp or Pierrot could work, describing a type of clown, or Willie, after Weary Willie, a clown famous for his tramp routine. If you are grooming your dog to be a therapy dog, choosing the name of a clown that is associated with the medical field, like Patch Adams, Dikki Ellis, or Nancy Buell may be more appropriate.
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Community Dogs with Clown Dog Names

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