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It is an exciting moment when you get to choose a new dog. Maybe you have waited years before you were in a position where you were in the right place in your life to invite a dog to share it. Now the moment has come and you have chosen the one, and it is an elegant Saluki, the chosen dog who will be your best buddy and will be part of your life for many years to come. But once you have your dog, that name that you selected all those years ago somehow doesn't seem to suit this dog. Then the panic sets in as you try to quickly find a name to give your beloved dog. No need to worry though, because our list of names is tailored specifically for the fine Saluki. This breed of dog deserves a name that highlights its beauty and grace, and takes into consideration its character and poise. So have a look though our selection of Saluki dog names - we are sure one will leap out at you and solve your naming problem. Then, all you have to do is enjoy your dog, get to know him, and have a long and happy life together.

Saluki Dog Names in Pop Culture

Saluki Dog Name Considerations

The Saluki dog doesn't just suit any old dog name. This dog is fine in build, elegant and quite sophisticated looking. More than any other dog, this breed deserves much thought put into its name.This dog has a long and rich history, and combined by its uniquely elegant looks you would expect it to have a name to suit. While there are no dog police who will penalise you if you just call him a - shall we say a common name - think about honoring your Saluki with a name to suit his graceful demeanor. This type of dog would not suit an offensive style of name (nor would any dog). It just would not seem right. So take the time to think about your dog and consider its past, its character, and its beauty. This graceful little thing that is going to be your best pal, doesn't he or she deserve a rich and descriptive name? These dogs used to be known as the Persian Greyhound, and they were treasured by the nomadic tribes as valuable hunters. They are fast, lean and beautiful so their name needs to match those characteristics. Check out our list for Saluki names, we hope they help you to gift your precious dog with a name rich in character.
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