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Morocco, a small country in northern Africa, has a storied past and its culture has been influenced by Europe, Arabia and Berber. While some names that have Moroccan influence may seem a bit odd to a westerner, there are many more that are easy to pronounce and have a unique flair that will make your new puppy stand out at the dog park. Some people choose to name their new pooch after a place they visited, such as Morocco, and others are simply intrigued by a place they want to visit. No matter why you have decided to find a Morocco-inspired name for your new puppy, take your time to find just the right name that everyone in the family loves.

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Morocco Dog Name Considerations

Morocco is the type of place that conjures up images of souks or marketplaces throughout ancient cities selling pottery, ceramics, jewelry and even metal lanterns. People seem to be intrigued by Morocco and many might find it fun to name their newest family member a Moroccan inspired name. You might have even spent some time in Morocco and want to memorialize your experiences by naming your new puppy after the place you visited. Since there are only a few breeds that have ties to Morocco, chances are your dog is not one of those. But there are plenty of unique names that are inspired by this North African country that will perfectly fit your puppy. Most people looking for a name inspired by Morocco are looking for a one of a kind name that nobody else in their neighborhood has thought of. There are names that might describe your dog’s personality or the aspirations you have for them such as Rafiq or Kadin which means friend or companion; or Amina which means faithful and trusting. Then there are royal names that are perfect for your new friend such as Aamir meaning prince; Mustafa meaning chosen one; Zara meaning princess; and Amira meaning sovereign or royalty.

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