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Some things are so homely that they are cute. That might seem harsh but it is a fact. Classic beauty is wonderful but a unique appearance often pulls at the heartstrings. Many dogs are not pretty, cute, or beautiful. They simply do not have the wee-defined good looks or sleek design that the majority of people find attractive but that does not make them any less appealing. Some people just flat out love a homely pooch. Naming your addition to the family can be a fun time, and in this case, multiple names abound!

Dog Names Meaning Homely in Pop Culture

Dog Name Meaning Homely Considerations

Dogs are not all about beauty. Many sport wonderful personalities even if they lack the classic good looks that so many owners desire in a pet. Nonetheless, some people think homely pooches are just better than any other critter. 

Everyone knows about dog shows. Basically, the best of the breed are paraded around a ring and awarded titles and trophies for being striking and true examples of their breed. It is a doggy beauty contest. However, dog shows leave out homely dogs who do not have the looks or the purebred DNA to compete. Unfortunately, in the dog show world, they are often considered subpar. We don't agree, however, and suggest that you choose a cute and fitting name for your unique pup. Mugsy, Scruff, Kibbles and Lilith are just a few suggestions of names that celebrate an unusual looking canine.

The World's Ugliest Dog Competition has been held every year since the early 1970s in Petaluma, California. It is a favorite part of the Sonoma-Marin County Fair. The winning owner and their dog will receive a check for a $1,500, a trophy, and a free trip to New York City. The dog competition is held in the evening at the fair and has become a media circus with worldwide coverage. Nowadays, approximately 2,000 to 3,000 individuals attend the event. In 2013, the unconventional dog show celebrated its 25th anniversary as a fair-produced event.

Dogs flock from around the world to compete for the World's Ugliest Dog Competition. At the show, it does not matter if your dog is a purebred or a mutt. All canines are welcome to compete. The only requirement is that the pooch is downright homely. Contestants at the event all have a good time. At the end of the dog show, the winner not only receives ample media coverage but is featured in a video. Contestants at the show are also regularly featured online on the show's website. If you own a homely dog then why not rejoice in the creature's unique brand of beauty? You might even want to sign up so your four-legged buddy can compete in the prestigious show to win the title of 'The Ugliest Dog'. 

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