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The savanna is a category of grasslands that typically is punctuated by trees, but not so heavily that the leaves of the trees create a closed canopy. They experience both wet and dry seasons; during the dry season, savannas typically only get around four inches of precipitation in total, but during the wet season, amounts of fifteen to thirty-five inches of precipitation are commonly seen. These areas are home to many different kinds of plants and animals who have adapted to the unique conditions of these biomes and are frequently used as grazing areas for livestock around the world. Those who are inspired by this unique biome may wish to choose a name for their canine companion that is related to the savannas of the world. 

Savanna Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Savanna Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Choosing a name for your new canine companion that is easy for you and the members of your household to pronounce clearly and consistently as well as one that is distinct from commands that you expect to use will help to clarify the name for your dog and avoid confusion down the road. Individuals who choose the environmental biome of the savanna to select their pooch’s name have several options for pinpointing just the right name for their dog. Some may choose to base their dog’s new title on the dog’s physical appearance, selecting a name like Tembo, Eland, or Anaconda for a very large canine, or Mannikin, Hummingbird, or Meerkat for a smaller dog, while others may choose to highlight one of their dog’s behavioral traits or skills, choosing a name like Gazelle, Cheetah, or Emu for a quick moving animal, or even Pobblebonk or Grasshopper for a dog that likes to jump. Other individuals may choose a name that represents an interest of their own. A person interested in botany may select a moniker like Baobab or Bahia, while a person who loves to birdwatch may choose a name like Roller, Finch, or Cockatoo instead. Those who have an interest in anthropology may even pick a name based on those societies indigenous to the area, such as Muisca or Shona. 

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