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Everyone loves a good cup of tea, and in fact, there is quite a following of people who could be considered Tea Elites. They know all the best ways to brew the perfect cup of tea (no matter what kind it is) and thoroughly enjoy tea that is the "real deal" such as loose leaf tea. If you are someone who is a tea elite (or just someone who really loves tea in general) you may have thought about naming your dog after the delicious beverage. Since tea has been around for a very long time, there is quite an excellent selection of names to choose from. Some of the titles we've listed are actual types of tea, while others are just merely associated with the entire idea of tea.

Tea Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Tea Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Once you have decided that your love of tea should be carried on through your dog, it comes time to decide which tea name will actually work best. There are a few main categories of tea: Black, Green, White, Oolong, Rooibos, Herb, Yerba Maté, and Pu'erh. Each of these tea types are extremely different and unique with their own delicious flavors. When it comes to narrowing down which tea may be the perfect fit for your dog, a few key things to think of would be size, personality, and appearance. 

For instance, say you have a female Bernese Mountain dog. This breed is typically tricolored with a white chest, brown markings on the legs, and a black "blanket" covering the rest of him. With coloring such as this, along with the calm yet playful personality these dogs tend to possess, a name such as "Ceylon" may be perfect. This type of Black tea is known for being deep and delicate in taste; and with just a splash of cream to sweeten it up, the coloring would be the same idea as your Bernese Mountain dog! Another example may be the name "Brew". This would be a great name for a very patient and determined male dog, as the processes of brewing the perfect cup of tea can take a while. There is no doubt that the theme of "Tea" has a lot to offer; so have fun with it and discover which name works best to represent the love you have for both tea and your furry friend. 

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