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Borzoi, also once referred to as the Russian Wolfhound and Russian Greyhound, are massive sighthounds. The word “Borzoi” was derived from the Russian word borzyi or borzii meaning both “fast” and “swift”, which perfectly reflects the breed’s trait. Although very swift, courageous, and strong, this dog is naturally good-natured, graceful, and hardly barks. It is believed that this dog breed was an enhanced version of the early Russian bear hounds. Borzois were originally bred to pursue hares, wolves, and foxes in the Russian forests under extreme weather conditions. Nowadays, Borzois are simply companions and also often used in dog shows. In spite of that, the skills and instincts of the stunning sighthound can still be observed.

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Borzoi Dog Name Considerations

The Borzoi is a fairly ancient breed that has been developed in Russia; its history can be dated back to the mid-1600s. Although originally developed to go after animals within the gigantic forests of Russia, the dog breed later on became popular among royalty from different parts of Europe. This is because of their elegant and glamorous appearance. Borzois became an extremely significant symbol of status in Europe, particularly during the middle ages. As a matter of fact, in Russia, owning a Borzoi was the one and only prerogative of the aristocrats. Therefore, it deserves a well-thought-of name that is as special as the breed. A name that matches its characteristics, appearance, and history; names that simply sound cute or adorable are not enough.

Since the breed is developed in Russia, a name that can be related to Russian culture would be appropriate. You can even choose names of powerful men and women in Russian history, perhaps Russian Monarchs and Duchesses.

Borzois are very fast and strong due to their hunting roots, but they are also graceful and naturally calm and quiet. Appearance-wise, Borzois are giant and possess an exotic and glamorous impression, which is the main reason why royalty from way back developed an affinity towards the breed. A name that reflects the aforementioned traits would be great.

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