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Disney is known for producing spellbinding movies, and any cat-loving pet parent likely ranks Aristocats highly on their list of all-time favorite films. Now considered a classic cartoon cat caper, Aristocats is the perfect influence for naming the latest addition to your furry family. Whether you have a lazy tomcat or a prissy Siamese, you're sure to find a superb namesake in the Aristocats. Read on to find about the best Aristocat inspired names for your kitten!

The Aristocats Spotlight

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The Aristocats Cat Name Considerations

When choosing an Aristocat to name your newest feline after, there are a few things to consider. Many of the names on this list are suitable for all kittens, but you might prefer to match a name to your little lion's personality or appearance.

For example, Duchess might be best suited to a pure white cat with lots of class, while Thomas O'Malley is ideal for a ginger tomcat who loves roaming the streets and has tons of personality. You may also want to consider your cat's breed, like naming your Russian Blue after Russian Alley Cat Billy Boss. Whatever you name you choose for your kitten, you can't go wrong naming your cat after a character from this Disney classic.

Male The Aristocats Cat Names

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Thomas O'Malley
Main character and love interest Thomas O'Malley is an adorable and simple name for your new ginger feline.
Duchess' eldest kitten, Toulouse is a great namesake for a tiny kitten that thinks they're tough.
The youngest of the three kittens, Berlioz is a quiet little trickster and the perfect inspiration for naming any grey male kitten.
Got a British Shorthair which always seems to be plotting against you? Name them after English butler and antagonist Edgar.
Scat Cat
If you notice your tiny kitten bopping along to your favorite jazz albums, name them after Alley cat band leader Scat Cat!
Napoleon may be a dog, but Napoleon and Lafayette are perfect namesakes for two new kittens that make a goofy double-act.
Billy Boss
Name your kitten after cello-playing Billy Boss if they're a Russian Blue with a big personality.
Hit Cat
If you find your new feline friend won't stop pawing at your guitar strings, name them after Alley Cat guitarist, Hit Cat.
A cutesy name for a tabby cat that loves to make a racket.
It may be unusual to name your kitten after a mouse, but Roquefort is a fun name for any cheese-loving cat.

Female The Aristocats Cat Names

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True Aristocat Duchess is an iconic namesake, perfect for a white cat with dazzling blue eyes.
Madame Adelaide
Duchess' human companion Madame Adelaide Bonfamille is a great inspiration for a classy cat that loves to yowl like an opera singer.
Duchess' equine companion, Frou-Frou is the perfect name for any mini cat that thinks they're the size of a horse.
One of Uncle Waldo's nieces, goose Abigail is a great namesake for any cat with a rude attitude.
Got two adorable twin female kittens? Name them after goose duo Abigail and Amelia.

The Aristocats Cat Names