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The Affenpinscher, otherwise known as The Monkey Terrier, is a loving and stubborn mischief maker. They were bred to be ratters for homes and shopkeepers, but because they are a smaller breed they quickly gained popularity as companion dogs for women. These guys are just big dogs trapped in a little dog's body and they have the attitude to back that up. They are fiercely loyal to their people when they perceive a threat. Between couch cuddles, they will likely be found snooping around curiously as they were bred to do. This is not a breed that you can win over, but you can earn their trust and once you have it, your Affenpinscher is yours forever.

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Affenpinscher Dog Name Considerations

This is just a fun breed and fun names should go with them. You want a name that will match your dog's character, but you cannot predict your dog's personality. You can only look at the personality of the breed and choose an appropriate name you hope they will grow into. In the case of the Affenpinscher, there are both physical and personality traits to consider. One of the first things you will see when you look at an Affie is the mustache. This fur is thicker than the rest of the fur on their face and covers the area between the nose and mouth completely. Small perky ears and dark eyes on the flat monkeyish face are all relevant features. An underbite may also be notable in naming your Affie.

 With the attitude of a big dog in a little dog’s body, there are bound to be behaviors you would not expect in this breed. Most people see little dogs as lap dogs only meant for cuddles. Affies are stubborn and mischievous and happen to be some of the best cuddlers in the world, once they decide they like you. They also happen to be incredibly intelligent. Consider all of these wonderful traits as you choose a moniker for your new pet.

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Chewy ( chewbacca)'s name story for Affenpinscher Dog Names
Chewy ( chewbacca)
Rockford, MI

I always loved Star Wars and Chewbacca was always my favorite character besides BB8 and Yoda.

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