Canadian Eskimo Dog Names

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The Canadian Eskimo dog is an impressive animal. They are regal, beautiful dogs that need a lot of exercise and love having a purpose in their day. Their history can be traced back more than 4,000 years. These lovely dogs deserve a cool name that will show others how special your dog is to you. A name like Wolf immediately hints of the power and prowess of your dog. Balto alludes to the heroic black and white Husky that led a sled dog team on the final part of their trek in 1925 to get a serum to the town of Nome, where the townspeople were suffering from diphtheria. These names have a real impact. Or, you could decide to call your dog Houdini if they keep escaping on you! But before you decide, check out our list of names for the Canadian Eskimo Dog - you will be impressed.

Canadian Eskimo Dog Names in Pop Culture

Canadian Eskimo Dog Names

When choosing a name for your dog, you will want to consider something that suits your dog's personality, but one that isn't so complicated that you can barely get the word out! Simple is often best. The Canadian Eskimo Dog is a really good looking dog, plus they are lively and outgoing which you will want to hint at when choosing a name. A name like Akira means intelligent which suits the clever and eager Canadian Eskimo Dog. Or maybe consider Miska, which means little bear - won't that pull on your heartstrings? Mukluk is the name of a famous Husky mascot who was part of Project Iceworm in 1960! These and others on our list all take the character and appearance of the Canadian Eskimo Dog into account. Choose a name that you will cherish for the life of your dog, one you will be proud to call out in public!
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