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The English Setter was first developed in the 1600's and is one of the oldest of the gun dog breeds. They are also the smallest of the Setter breeds, known for their intelligence, athleticism, and their agility. While these dogs are rather active, they are also typically sweet and mild-mannered making them excellent family dogs as well as gun dogs. This breed prefers to be with their family at all times and while they are quite intelligent, these dogs can be a bit on the mischievous side and some can harbor a stubborn streak. Historically, this breed was used to track, point out, and retrieve land birds like quail and grouse. 

English Setter Dog Names in Pop Culture

English Setter Dog Name Considerations

 Choosing a name for your pet is an exciting and important step in taking care of your new companion. A good name, one that is simple for you to pronounce and one that the dog responds to, can help to improve both bonding times and training skills, however, a name that is difficult to understand may lead to a stubborn and confused canine. English Setters are hunting dogs that specialize in birds, so you will see a few bird names in the list, like Drake or Shea, as well as some names that describe the overall personality of the breed such as Standish, Dulcie, or Tyrell. Other names that are in this list may describe a physical trait that could be specific to your dogs, such as Frazier for a dog with a red or orange coat or Oprah for a dog with a fawn colored coat. Some people may even choose to give their canine a name with a trait that they are hoping will develop; which might result in names for your canine like Thaddeus or Aggie. Whatever your style when it comes to choosing a name for your English Setter, this list should be a helpful source of information.

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Community Dogs with English Setter Names

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