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History buffs aside, there are many people who simply like the sound of names that are associated with wartime or evoke memories of a distant era. Masculine names seem to top the list, however those with female dogs should not despair! There are plenty of fun and interesting names that inspire thoughts of war; or maybe memories of a specific era with good memories. While this is a large list, there are plenty more war inspired names that did not make the list. Take your time and have fun when trying to decide on a war inspired name for your new puppy.

War Dog Names In Pop Culture

War Dog Name Considerations

Some people have a tendency to shy from war inspired names because of the bad memories these names may evoke. However, there are also names that may help keep a good memory alive. Specific war dogs that have made it into the history books have fun names and this may be a good place for your name search to begin. There was Kaiser, the first war dog killed in Vietnam or there is the famous Chesty, the mascot of the Marines. Specific locations of wars can also be considered, such as calling your new pup Nam which is short for Vietnam. When people think of war inspired names, generally visions of German Shepherd Dogs or other larger dogs come to mind. However, many small dogs can have names that are inspired by war. Torpedo is a great name for a small dog with a big heart and fast legs. Chopper is also another good name for a smaller dog. It may even be fun to name a smaller dog after Bamse the Saint Bernard that became a naval officer in the Royal Norwegian Navy. Girl dogs can also carry names that are inspired by war. There were numerous women that made a difference in all of the wars that have been fought. There is no better way to honor those women than to name your newest pooch after one of them.

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