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Although the Wire Fox Terrier isn’t the most popular dog breed in America, if you have recently acquired this breed, it will make a great addition to your family! The Wire Fox Terrier makes an excellent companion and they are extremely intelligent.  They train easily, are good with children, and are reasonably active.  Many Wire Fox Terriers have appeared in TV shows and movies, and this is because they are so trainable – there’s only thing to think about now, and that’s what you’re going to name your friendly pet?  Read this guide for information and inspiration that every new owner of the Wire Fox Terrier should hear about before naming their new addition!

Wire Fox Terrier Names in Pop Culture

Wire Fox Terrier Name Considerations

Naming your Wire Fox Terrier is a very important task.  If you want to find the right name for this energetic, brave, and loyal breed, there are certain things you might consider. Names like Firefox would suit your feisty pooch, or Bouncer if your pup is energetic.  If your dog is lovable and cuddly, consider a name like Venus, inspired by the goddess of love! 

Finding the right name isn’t always easy, so we have compiled a list of 30 boys and girls names, below. Our aim is to inspire you! You should certainly check this out and see if there are any names you prefer for your new furry friend. 

When researching names, remember to make a list of any you think might suit your pooch – you can then refer back to them later.  If you like unusual names, you can mix the names up, by putting two together, like Disney Blizzard for instance, but remember you are choosing a forever name, so choose a name you can see yourself calling out in public. If choosing a name is a joint effort with your family, why not make a game of it and you can all vote for your favorite name.  You can even ask grandparents, friends and other relatives to see what they think too!

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Community Dogs With Wire Fox Terrier Names

Trixie's name story for Wire Fox Terrier Dog Names
Wire Fox Terrier
Rosemount, MN
Bossy, lazy, naughty, loving, funny and passed on

My sister named her,that's all I knew, until I found out that the name Trixie is short for the name Patricia.

Scarlett violet twinkle's name story for Wire Fox Terrier Dog Names
Scarlett violet twinkle
Wire Fox Terrier
Spearfish, SD

I use Gone With the Wind characters. My 5 yr old niece said she needed a middle & back name! Loved it! Our beautiful Scarlett passed 2 months ago... 13 years old❤️

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