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Whether you are a humorist, your dog is a comedian, or you are just a perfect pair of laughter-seeking goofballs, giving your dog a famous comedian’s name is a great way to endlessly associate both you and them with a good time. Of course, it tends to work better when you and your dog are already pretty funny, but then again, Carrot Top used props, Gallagher used watermelons and the Stooges used their heads, as much figuratively as they did literally, so feel free to use anything at your disposal to come up with something, even if it means crossing a few eyes and dirtying a few tees. 

Dogs with Famous Comedian Names in Pop Culture

Famous Comedian Dog Name Considerations

The world of comedy is a vast place, full of big names, bright lights, and a whole lot of laughs. But where do you start when trying to think of what will best suit your dog individually? Well, if you want to start simple, put together a list of a few of your all-time favorites and see if their first or last name sounds good and creates the appropriate amount of association you are seeking. If you're looking for something deeper, there is a lot to consider that you can use to generate some ideas. Elements like your dog’s looks and personality can go a long way to provide significant sources of inspiration. 

Looks are usually one of the easiest ways to go, as comedians are a little more liberal with their hairstyles and facial hair and are more likely to share a similar appearance with certain dogs. For instance, a stout Poodle mix with extra fluff on their head would be a good candidate for Betty, after Betty White, just as much as a funny little Shih Tzu or Lhasa Apso with a thick dark mustache would be a great candidate for Cheech or Groucho. 

But personality and overall character traits also make great fodder. For instance, if you have a dog that tends to lift only one side of its lip when it whines or gives you a look, or tends to hack a lot after barking, eating, or drinking, Buddy or Hackett would surely be suitable names. If you have a dog that never really seems to sound like an actual dog because of its odd voice, maybe Bobcat would be more suitable. 

Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to have fun with it. Exercise them, play with them in the house, do your best to coax out the full weirdness of their character just like your parents probably did with you. 

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Community Dogs with Famous Comedian Names

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