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Egyptian mythology has long interested many people with its mysteries from the complexities of sacred temples and pyramids to the number of deities and their meanings.  Egyptian hieroglyphics lines the walls and towers of ancient structures as well as the cartouches and sarcophaguses of ancient people; all hinting at the deep connection with natural elements and the gods.  Egyptian themes, books, and movies have fascinated audiences for years, and some people are so inspired by the mythological past of Egypt that they chose to honor their dog with an Egyptian inspired name.  When it comes to giving their dog an Egyptian mythological inspired name, dog owners appear to have many choices.    

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Egyptian Mythology Dog Name Considerations

Naming a dog is an important custom for many people and not one taken lightly.  Some owners feel deep connections to ancient Egyptian mythology because they work in the field, enjoy Egyptian inspired entertainment, or have a general thirst for knowledge of all things Egyptian.  The connection to the ancient myths of Egypt may lead some owners to chose a godly name that befits their revered pooch.  Dog owners can name their dogs anything they want, regardless of breed, size, or color but there are some considerations owners may want to take when choosing the Egyptian theme.

When it comes to breeds, there are some sleek-looking fleet canines that have possible origins in Egypt.  These breeds include the Basenji, Greyhound, Ibizan, Pharaoh, Saluki, and the Whippet.  All of these breeds have long slender legs with long necks and pointed muzzles.  Their skin is tight, and their coats are short and sleek, giving them a regal, powerful, and graceful look befitting that of an Egyptian god.  Owners may also want to consider the size of their dog when choosing an Egyptian mythological inspired name.  The Sphinx, for example, is a large and famous monument in Egypt and befitting of a large dog, such as an American Yellow Labrador Retriever.  Smaller dogs might benefit from smaller sounding names, like Bastet, who was the Egyptian goddess of warfare.  

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Hazel's name story for Egyptian Mythology Dog Names
Yorkshire Terrier
New York, NY

we were looking for dog names for fun and we found the name hazel and we really liked it so then we had no idea that the next day we were going to the pet store but we did and we bought a dog and named it hazel

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