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The Hokkaido dog is one of only five dog breeds native to Japan. They have longer and thicker coats than the other four breeds and are a medium-sized powerful dog. The Hokkaido has a massive chest and thick, well-muscled legs. The Hokkaido is an impressive dog that can be a truly fantastic companion when they are properly trained and socialized early. Lovers of the breed claim the Hokkaido is an independent thinker and problem solver making them a challenge to live with at times. Most people will have never heard of the Hokkaido dog because they are extremely rare outside of Japan. 

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Hokkaido Dog Name Considerations

Deciding to add a Hokkaido dog to your family is something that should be thoroughly researched. This is a primitive breed that was originally bred to hunt bear and they are considered to be independent thinkers and excellent problem solvers. The Hokkaido is not the right choice for a first time dog owner or someone who does not have time to properly train or socialize their new dog. Once you have researched the breed and decided that you want a Hokkaido puppy for your family, you will have to search far and wide to find a breeder and this may take months or even years to find a puppy unless you are willing to import directly from Japan. 

After your new Hokkaido puppy has come home you will need to find a name that suits them. Being a primitive Japanese breed, traditional Japanese names might be the first place to search. There are several unique and relatively easy to say Japanese names that would fit your new Hokkaido puppy’s personality. Because of their renowned intelligence, you may consider Chikao for a male puppy which means a wise and clever person or Akira for a female puppy which means a bright, clear, and intelligent being. 

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