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While many people will confuse the Australian Cobberdog with the Labradoodle, they are two distinctive breeds. The Australian Cobberdog has been recognized by the Master Dog Breeders and Associates (MDBA) since 2012 and a DNA sequence has been established to ensure pure bloodlines. Breeders must be in good standing with the MDBA in order to register their Australian Cobberdogs and subsequent litters. These dogs are larger, very friendly, and outgoing. They make excellent family pets, especially for families that have children. The Australian Cobberdog does require a lot of attention and exercise. They will need a large fenced yard to run and play to expel some of that energy. 

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Australian Cobberdog Dog Name Considerations

If you like the idea of the Labradoodle, but have qualms due to the negative publicity the breed has gotten for being overexploited, you may want to research the Australian Cobberdog. This breed is what the Labradoodle was meant to be when the crosses were first made. They are healthy, smart, and family-friendly dogs that have a specific look and disposition. Surprisingly, there are a few Australian Cobberdog breeders in the United States. A true Australian Cobberdog breeder will have MDBA registered dogs so you know you are purchasing a purebred Australian Cobberdog. 

Once you have located your new puppy, it will be time to start searching for the perfect name for them. Take some time to get to know your new Australian Cobberdog’s personality. They will have cute little personality quirks that will help you find the right name for them. Keep the name short, usually one to two syllables, so you do not have to shorten the name or give them a nickname. Do not pick a name that sounds similar to any commands you will be using in their training. You do not want to confuse them. Most importantly, pick a name that the whole family likes; your new Australian Cobberdog will be with you for several years and everyone should like the name you pick. 

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