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The Miniature Bull Terrier, as its name suggests, is a smaller version of the Bull Terrier. These two breeds are practically one and the same, except of course for their size. During the early 1900s, the two breeds were distinguished based on their weight. However, this system resulted in Miniature Bull Terriers being bred a bit too small, making them look like a Chihuahua. Hence, the weight limit was changed to a height limit instead, in which the miniature version should be no more than fourteen inches. Miniature Bull Terriers have their distinctive egg-shaped head, triangular eyes and white coat. The breed’s temperament differs from one dog to another; some love “clowning” around and like to have an active lifestyle while there are those who are perfectly content with being couch potatoes. Overall, however, Miniature Bull Terriers are a fun, loving and loyal dog breed that will make for a great family companion.

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Miniature Bull Terrier Dog Name Considerations

Giving your dog a name is an important part of welcoming them into your family.  One of the many considerations that you have to make when choosing a name for your dog is how easily your dog can pick it up. In general, dogs only remember the first two syllables of any word. Thus, a short name, with no more than two syllables, is ideal.

Another thing to take into account is how well the name goes with your dog’s qualities. Miniature Bull Terriers have a unique egg-shaped head, muscular body, triangular eyes and erect ears. Additionally, Minis have either a solid white coat or white with certain markings. These are all special attributes that you may use as inspiration for coming up with a name for your new puppy. For example, if your new Mini has a solid white coat, you can choose a name like “Ghost” or “Snow” as an homage to the dog’s color.

On the other hand, you may decide to look past the physical qualities of your dog and choose a name based on their personality and behavior instead. Miniature Bull Terriers are known for being playful, comical and mischievous. They are also independent and sweetly devoted to their owners. You may consider all these individualities before settling a name for your pooch.

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Charlie's name story for Miniature Bull Terrier Dog Names
Sarasota, FL

The day we got Charlie he had no name so my family all thoughy of names but no one could a agree on one. Then we decided that my little brother should choose a name and he said Charlie right away. Everyone seemed to like it so it stuck

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